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Credit Repair Merchant Account

Credit Repair Merchant Account In the aftermath of the financial downturn of the previous decade, countless individuals and businesses found their credit scores in dire straits, making it difficult for them to secure any type of loan, rent housing, or even be hired for jobs. Sensing a need, the credit repair industry blossomed. However, alongside

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Mail order or telephone order (MOTO) merchant accounts are considered high risk and may take a unique processor to accept credit cards.
High Risk Industries

Mail Order Telephone Order (MOTO) Merchant Account

Mail Order & Telephone Order (MOTO) Merchant Accounts More people every day are using the internet for an ever-expanding variety of purchases, from airline tickets to pizza delivery. With this increased push toward online transactions, does that mean the more traditional MOTO (mail order/telephone order) payment processing method is on its way out? Absolutely not! Despite

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Durango Merchant Service provides 3D secure to our High Risk Merchant Accounts as a solution to credit card fraud.
High Risk Industries

E-cigarette And Vape Merchant Services Account

Vape Payment Processing & E Cig Merchant Services Though e-cigarettes have been on the scene for over a decade, the industry is still in its early stages, and sellers seeking to obtain e-cigarette merchant accounts often face an uphill battle finding company that will process their electronic payments. Credit card processing accounts for sellers of

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ECommerce Merchant Accounts & Website Compliance

eCom Merchant Accounts: What’s Required for Website Compliance? If you operate an eCommerce or online business and want to accept credit cards, you will need to satisfy several requirements on your site in order to be compliant with Visa and MasterCard’s standards for these types of businesses. Most of these items are simple and can

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What is the Terminated Merchant File (TMF) or MATCH List?

What is the Terminated Merchant File (TMF) or MATCH List? So… you’re stuck on the list huh? Let’s dive into what it really means for a merchant to get put on the TMF or Match List. For the financial institutions that offer them, merchant accounts represent a certain level of risk. Irresponsible, unreliable or fraudulent

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International Multi-Currency Credit Card Processing

International Multi-Currency Credit Card Processing The internet has helped break down many of the conventional borders to commerce, including national boundaries, making it easier for businesses to become truly global. However, many payment processing companies haven’t caught up with this more cosmopolitan business world, and make it expensive or impossible for merchants outside the United

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High Risk Payment Processing

Canadian Merchant Accounts

Canadian Merchant Accounts At Durango, we often get the question from potential Canadian clients, “how do I get a merchant account?” To start, we have several different types of merchant accounts catered to Canadian merchants, including the merchant account for Canadian businesses. However, there are some key variables that need to be taken into account

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Small Business Merchant Account
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Merchant Accounts for Small Businesses

Merchant Accounts for Small Businesses Whether you’re just starting your business or looking for a way to expand your revenue stream, accepting credit and debit cards is a crucial step in the success of your business. Every small business can benefit from accepting credit cards, whether you are a retail establishment, a mail order/telephone order

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