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Do you need a high risk merchant account?  We’ve got you covered.

You’ve contacted the experts.  We know how frustrating it can be for high risk merchants to find a credit card processor who will help them accept online payments.   There are numerous reasons a business may need a high risk merchant account, including:

  • You operate in an industry with a history of high chargeback
  • The account has a “reputational” risk, such as the travel industry
  • High Risk industry such as ticket sales, online electronics, dating sites or annual membership sites
  • High sales volume mixed with bad credit or no processing history
  • You operate internationally and need multi-currency merchant accounts

High Risk Doesn’t Mean Low Quality

In today’s world, accepting credit cards online is critical for any business to prosper, and essential if you have an online business.  As you may know, it can be difficult to find payment processing solutions if your business is considered high risk.  However, we have found that many applicants seeking a high risk merchant account have a good business model with bright prospects, but somehow fall into the high risk merchant category without getting a fair shot at success.

At Durango Merchant Services we believe in peoples’ desire to live their dreams and improve their lives. Our expert merchant account specialists will help you navigate the high risk merchant account application process, so you know you are getting a fair shot at accepting credit cards online.  You can rest assured that we will utilize our considerable experience to make sure every avenue is explored and the highest chance for success is achieved.

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 For Every Challenge,  We Have a Solution.

The Durango Solution

Whether you are operating in a high risk industry or have an recently received an increased number of chargebacks, merchants of all types are considered “high risk merchants” by their processors. If your merchant account has been terminated or rejected, Durango Merchant Services can help you get it reinstated with a new processor. In most cases, we can get you fast approval for a high risk merchant account and we will work with you over the life of your account to help you restore or achieve a traditional merchant processing relationship.

If you recently applied to process credit cards and your merchant application was rejected, Durango Merchant Services can help get your high-risk merchants account approved regardless if your account applications have been rejected or was terminated by run of the mill credit card processors.

The Durango Solution

Durango Merchant Services can help you if a low credit score is making it difficult for your business to obtain a credit card processing merchant account. Regardless if you accept customer payments via card machines, mobile phones, through an e-commerce gateway or via telephone and mail order, we can help you to get a high risk merchant account at comparable merchant rates to traditional processing services. Contact us and we’ll be happy to help you find a solution.

The Durango Solution

If your business is in one of [fusion_popover title=”High Risk Merchant Account Industries” title_bg_color=”#3f5a74″ content=”Annual memberships, Adult products, Bail bonds, Business opportunities, Electronics sold online, Debt service, Home-based, Horoscope/Fortune telling, Firearm dealers, Mail order or telephone order, Multi-level marketing (MLM), Online auctions, Online dating sites, Software downloads, Telemarketing, Telecommunications (VOIP or Calling Cards), Timeshare Advertising, Travel services” content_bg_color=”” bordercolor=”” textcolor=”#000000″ trigger=”hover” placement=”top” class=”” id=””]these known high risk merchant industries[/fusion_popover], then your company may have been given high risk merchant status. A popular solution for many companies that are pigeon-holed as high risk merchants is to obtain credit card processing through offshore or shared hosting accounts.

Despite the fact that many ecommerce and online companies have traditional, low-risk merchant services they can still be defined as high risk. Where ever possible we get your hard to place account approved for operation within the US rather than going with an offshore solution that can be both expensive and inadequate.

The Durango Solution

One of the best things about ecommerce and selling online is that any merchant anywhere has the potential for global reach. Durango Merchant Services helps high risk merchants around the globe open a multi-currency merchant account that permits hundreds of currencies to be accepted. Durango Merchant Services understands that some of this can be difficult to navigate, which is why we are available for one-on-one consultations to go over all aspects of the high risk multi-currency merchant application.

Durango Merchant Services will help you open an offshore merchant account that allows you to accept credit cards online in multiple currencies and is reliable and competitive for high risk merchants that want to sell around the world.

The Durango Solution

Through our years of networking and experience with merchants of all stripes we can help mitigate the higher rates that are generally associated with high risk merchant accounts and help you find lower rates for your high risk credit card processing account. And if a credit card processor has decided you are high risk because of chargebacks, bad credit or being in a specific industry, we can help you to find the credit card processing services you need.

As you may well know, many high risk merchant accounts are required to keep a merchant cash reserve. We will help you to understand why you need merchant reserves and then to analyze how much money you will need in reserve and develop a plan to reduce it to zero over time.

We will work hard to find a bank that will accept your credit card payments and get your company back to accepting credit cards online or in store.

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