Multi-Currency Merchant Account: Attract International Customers

If you run a business that accepts a significant number of MoTo or e-commerce orders, you likely already have a merchant account to process those credit and debit transactions. However, a standard merchant account is only useful for transactions using your home country’s currency; if you want to open your business up to international customers in a way that will make things simple both for the shopper and for you, a multi-currency merchant account is your solution.

A multi-currency merchant account facilitates international sales in a number of ways. When a customer in another country browses your website, the prices of your merchandise will be displayed in the customer’s home currency, making it easy for them to understand exactly how much the item costs, rather than forcing them to hunt down an exchange rate before making their decision. When the customer uses their credit card to make their purchase, the payment is accepted in their home currency and their credit card statement holds no unpleasant surprises for them due to fluctuating exchange rates, reducing the likelihood that they will issue a chargeback, and increasing the likelihood that they will become a repeat customer.