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Payment Processing 101 (Everything You Need To Know)

Do you feel like you’re trying to learn a different language? Are you missing opportunities to save money, create happy customers and streamline your business? Here at Durango Merchant Services, we understand your frustration! The payment processing world can be overwhelming. There’s A LOT to learn and understand! Learn about payment processing by browsing through some of our top rated blog posts.

With over 20 years in the payment processing industry, we specialize in providing creative payment solutions for low and high risk merchants. Whether you’re trying to get your account approved, improve your cancellation or hold trends, or simply get a better processing rate, we’re here to help!

Below we’ve highlighted some of our most frequently asked questions as blog posts. And YES, we wrote these posts in a language normal people speak. That means no over-your-head financial speak, or misleading processing jargon. We put the problem-solving power in YOUR hands.

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909, 2022

Can Chargebacks be Prevented in Real Time?

Can Chargebacks be Prevented in Real Time? One of the inevitable difficulties that comes along with accepting credit and debit transactions, particularly in an eCommerce setting, is the problem of chargebacks. When a cardholder disputes a charge on their card directly with their issuing bank, rather than contacting you as the merchant to resolve their issue, a chargeback is filed. Inexperienced merchants sometimes shrug off the issue of chargebacks, reasoning that they make up a small percentage of their overall sales, and thus aren’t worth the time and effort of confronting in a systematic way – after all, you

308, 2022

Advantages of Accepting Electronic Checks for your Business

Advantages of Accepting Electronic Checks for Your Online Business Internet-based transactions were once chiefly the province of eCommerce retail spending, but customers have become significantly more comfortable using online and mobile payments for a wide range of products and services, including paying their bills. This trend is expected to continue to increase as consumers become more accustomed to the technology. Indeed, part of this trend seems fueled by generations of “digital natives,” those who have grown up using smartphones and mobile devices for all manner of basic, everyday tasks. In this environment, wherein mobile payments reached an estimated $130.3

1407, 2022

Best questions to ask when looking for a merchant account

Best Questions to Ask when Looking for a Merchant Account Having the power to accept debit and credit card payments is essential to your growing business, but sifting through the options presented by payment processing companies to find the right merchant account for your business’s needs can feel overwhelming. There’s so much information out there about payment processing that even figuring out where to begin is a disorienting prospect. Here are a few essential questions to ask processing companies to get you started in finding the merchant account that best fits your needs. What exactly is a merchant account?

3105, 2022

What is a Friendly Fraud Chargeback?

What is a Friendly Fraud chargeback? As an E-commerce merchant, you’ve probably encountered the term “friendly fraud” a few times before, but may not be entirely certain what it entails. The term refers to fraudulent or inappropriate action taken by the legitimate cardholder, as opposed to traditional fraud which occurs when a thief illegally obtains another person’s credit card information and uses it to make fraudulent purchases. Friendly fraud specifically refers to a customer’s inappropriate misuse of the chargeback system. Typically, the option to file a chargeback exists for circumstances when a cardholder discovers that their credit card details

3105, 2022

PREVENTING E-Commerce Fraud

PREVENTING E-Commerce Fraud It should come as no surprise that the past two years have seen truly tremendous growth in E-commerce in the US. During the height of the pandemic, people staying at home turned to online purchasing to satisfy their needs and wants. Even as restrictions lift and customers have begun to resume their normal routines, they have become accustomed to the convenience of E-commerce shopping. The US Department of Commerce reports that in the fourth quarter of 2021, E-commerce accounted for 13 percent of all retail sales. Unfortunately, as a market grows, so too grow the ranks

3105, 2022

How to Read and Understand Credit Card Decline Codes

How to read and understand credit card decline codes When everything goes right, accepting credit or debit card payments makes things simpler and more convenient for both the customer and the merchant; card purchases certainly avoid the hazards of miscounting change or running out of small bills. However, sometimes things don’t go right with card transactions, which can be embarrassing for the customer and may mean the loss of a sale for you as the merchant. However, having a solid understanding of the various declined codes that occur when a card transaction fails can help you respond to the

1905, 2022

How Does Credit Card Processing Work?

How Does Credit Card Processing Work? There are many credit card processing myths that make business owners think it will be difficult to accept credit cards. It's becoming more common for consumers to primarily use credit cards and even mobile payments in stores. Business owners need a way to process credit card transactions to keep up with competitors. Credit card processing is an essential business tool. It's how you keep your cash register running smoothly and your business running profitably. Businesses that don't accept credit cards could be missing out on a lot of profit. You may be wondering how credit

1905, 2022

How to Tackle Common Fee Objections Like a Pro

How to Tackle Common Fee Objections Like a Pro We’ve all heard it before: “That’s too expensive for me.” Fee objections can present some of the most frustrating challenges for professionals, especially those who aren’t selling a tangible product. But no matter what you’re selling, the best way to answer objections is to demonstrate your true value. You don’t have to be trained in sales to overcome “sticker shock.” You just need to uncover what your clients really want. What Drives Fee Objections? Although business owners are craving reliable advice on everything from financial planning to public relations right now,

1905, 2022

Why Buy Now Pay Later Is So Popular

Does Buy now pay later Actually Help Your Customers? Why This Payment Solution Is so Popular You’ve probably come across a Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) offer while online shopping for new clothes, furniture, or house appliances. Pay $12.49 in 4 installments instead of $40.99 upfront. But B2B businesses can also offer this new, flexible payment method to their customers. BNPL helps your clients by providing flexibility, mobile accessibility, and a better overall experience. This payment method is popular with B2C businesses and customers because they can immediately increase their shopping cart size for a lower price. Several businesses have already

1905, 2022

Why Was My Merchant Account Shut Down?

Why Was My Merchant Account Shut Down? In 2019 it was reported that people in the U.S. used their credit and debit cards to spend roughly $6.7 trillion. Many of these payments were made from merchant accounts that are now closed, the question is why did these merchant accounts get closed? When merchant accounts are closed it can come as a surprise. It often leaves people wondering 'what do I do if my merchant account is shut down?' While it's easy to start panicking, you should try to stay calm. There is normally a straightforward explanation as to why your account is

103, 2022

Have you considered integrating crypto into your business model?

Integrating Cryptocurrency into your Business Model Cryptocurrency provides endless benefits when it comes to receiving and sending money. Diverse payment options can also present a new set of challenges for owners. Thankfully, Durango Merchant Services offers businesses seamless service solutions when it comes to adding this new technology to your operation. A rising force in the business and financial world, cryptocurrency is a great option for a growing number of companies. Whether for everyday transactions or investment, cryptocurrency can save you time and money when it comes to day-to-day activities. This alternative to traditional fiat

2102, 2022

Is your business classified as ‘high-risk’?

Is your business classified as ‘high-risk’? Some eCommerce companies classified as "high-risk" encounter uncertainties when it comes to payment processing. Durango Merchant Services provides real-time solutions to the challenges they face day-to-day. Memberships, crypto, travel, startups, non-profits - a range of niches are labeled high-risk businesses. Due to this ‘high-risk’ status, companies routinely struggle with chargebacks, approval, and poor processing rates. The fact is, most banks are reluctant to back high-risk ventures; they’re selective of clientele and remain hesitant to work with anyone that doesn’t fit strict criteria. Operations of all shapes and sizes must continuously juggle the uncertainties

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