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Payment Processing 101

Do you feel like you’re trying to learn a different language? Are you missing opportunities to save money, create happy customers and streamline your business? Here at Durango Merchant Services, we understand your frustration! The payment processing world can be overwhelming. There’s A LOT to learn and understand! Learn about payment processing by browsing through some of our top rated blog posts.

With over 20 years in the payment processing industry, we specialize in providing creative payment solutions for low and high risk merchants. Whether you’re trying to get your account approved, improve your cancellation or hold trends, or simply get a better processing rate, we’re here to help!

Below we’ve highlighted some of our most frequently asked questions as blog posts. And YES, we wrote these posts in a language normal people speak. That means no over-your-head financial speak, or misleading processing jargon. We put the problem-solving power in YOUR hands.

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1101, 2021

Issuing Credit Card Refunds: Visa Policies Explained

As a merchant, you are responsible for making sure your customers either receive the goods and services they paid for, OR receive their money back. Issuing prompt refunds isn’t only morally responsible, but it’s also a proven tactic to reduce jeopardizing your merchant account with frequent chargebacks.  Occasionally we have merchants inquire about how to issue a refund when a customer’s card or bank account has been cancelled or closed. Coronavirus restrictions have forced many businesses into being unable to deliver services or goods making this an increasing issue. Record numbers of refund requests have bombarded high risk industries

2912, 2020

You’re Overpaying For Your QuickBooks Credit Card Processing – Here’s why!

You’re Overpaying For Your QuickBooks Credit Card Processing - Here’s why! Intuit’s QuickBooks has been the industry leader in providing accounting and bookkeeping products for years. The system’s comprehensive range of accounting, invoicing and payroll products make it the go-to option for small and medium businesses around the world. Convenient, easy and professional!  Although QuickBooks’ bookkeeping and accounting softwares are unrivaled, their processing features and fees can be overhyped and overpriced. QuickBooks and Intuit uses its brand recognition and existing customers to upsell payment processing. The merchant services are easily integrated, however, you’re likely more than you need

710, 2020

Understanding AVS & CVV Declines & Authorizations

Have you ever run a card, had it decline, yet it still shows up on a customer's card statement? We often get questions from merchants, inquiring about a transaction that shows as declined at the payment gateway, yet the customer is calling asking: "Why was my credit card billed?" Let's deep dive into the payment gateway so you can better communicate with your customers the reason for these holds.

3107, 2019

Credit Card Processing In The American Territories & US Virgin Islands

Credit Card Processing US Territories & US Virgin Islands A merchant account gives you the power to accept credit and debit card transactions, making it an essential tool for any business, whether it welcomes customers to a brick-and-mortar storefront or a web-based ecommerce store. However, merchants operating in the U.S. Virgin Islands face unique challenges when seeking to open a merchant account. Why is Credit card Processing in US Territories Different? Credit card processing doesn’t work quite the same way in the Virgin Islands as it does in the continental U.S., and most major payment processing companies don’t offer

3107, 2019

Credit Card Processing In Puerto Rico

CREDIT CARD PROCESSING IN PUERTO RICO Puerto Rico Merchant Accounts The ability to accept credit and debit card payments is a necessity in today’s economic landscape. Add credit card processing to your business tool belt! Your Puerto Rico merchant account serves as your passport into the world of ecommerce, granting you access to customers around the globe. But choosing the right payment processing account is crucial, especially for merchants in Puerto Rico. Unfortunately, many of the major payment processing companies do not offer accounts to merchants in Puerto Rico. This forces business owners to turn to local banks

106, 2019

Durango Merchant Services Payment Gateway Launches QuickBooks™ SyncPay

Durango Merchant Services Payment Gateway Offers QuickBooks™ SyncPay Durango Merchant Services is pleased to offer the industry leading  QuickBooks™ SyncPay Plug-In, which allows merchants utilizing QuickBooks™ to process transactions directly from within the accounting software. This service is ideal for businesses looking for a merchant account that is compatible with their QuickBooks™ accounting software, as previously the payment gateways and merchant accounts that were compatible with QuickBooks™ were rather limited. Import Customer Data from Your Shopping Cart Capture and consolidate all payment platforms into QuickBooks. Merchants can accept and process shopping carts orders, telephone, fax, CRM payments and mobile

3105, 2019

How to Recover When Paypal Freezes My Account

How to Recover When Your Aggregate Account Processor Closes or Freezes Your Account As an online merchant, being able to accept credit and debit card payments from your customers online is a fundamental necessity. In looking to fulfill that need, many ecommerce merchants are lured in by the siren song of aggregate processor’s (companies like paypal and stripe) quick setup and easy approval process. However, if you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’ve just learned what so many other online merchants have had the misfortune to discover: what an aggregate processor giveth, an aggregate processor taketh away just

3005, 2019

How To detect phishing attacks on your ecommmerce website

How To detect phishing attacks on your ecommmerce website One of the most effective techniques used by hackers and internet fraudsters to steal identity information, collect credit card numbers, and gain access to accounts is phishing. Phishing is so successful because it targets the weakest link in any IT security system: the human users. Phishers trick users with fraudulent correspondence (usually emails, but sometimes social media, text messages, or phone calls) that are designed to look like they come from legitimate sources. Phishing emails prompt users to visit faked websites, hand over passwords or other sensitive information, or open

3005, 2019

What is the Fido Alliance

What is the Fido Alliance? And Why Should I Care? How many accounts do you have that require a password to access? Email addresses, social media sites, streaming video services, banks, ecommerce websites… the list goes on, and you may not even remember how many password-accessible accounts you have – hardly surprising, since the average user has upwards of 90 online accounts. If you’re like many users, you’ve recycled at least some of those passwords; as many as 51 percent of the passwords out there are used across multiple services. Repeated use of the same passwords may make it