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Echeck Payment Processing & Merchant Services

FAST. NO HASSLE. LOW FEES for eCheck Payment Processing

Durango Merchant Services connects our clients to a fast, easy, pioneering echeck payment processing platform. After 20 years in the payments industry, we know the needs of our merchants! We are dedicated to providing you with a diverse set of tools to accept payments anywhere you need.

We offer a 100% internet-based, non-ACH processing system, capable of image-processing and remote deposit capture to all of the banks in the United States. Do you own a startup? A family owned business? A Fortune 500 company? We have you covered! Our services include basic check processing, live signature capture, and live real-time bank verification!

You can use echecks to pay or receive payments from people across the globe. Safe, secure and convenient, all personal and financial data is encrypted and protected on our secure servers. These servers and your transactions are guaranteed to follow all payment standards established by financial institutions across the country.

Wondering How Echecks Work?

Echeck payment processing functions largely the same as traditional checks. However, instead of using paper, an echeck uses a computer file to convey the information. Here are the steps…

  1. The customer enters the name of the recipient and the amount (occasionally the merchant will enter this information on behalf of the customer into a secure gateway)
  2. The customer uses a digital signature to provide authenticity and the checks are numbered for tracing
  3. Instead of putting the check into the mail and trusting the postal service to deliver reliably and on time, the file is sent instantly through the internet.
  4. The money is transferted directly from the payer’s bank account to the merchant.

Our echeck services include the set up of pre-built plugins for shopping carts like WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento and many more! Whatever ecommerce system you’re already using, integration is a breeze! If we don’t already have a plugin for your shopping cart, we offer a developer’s tool kit to assist in programing.


Nothing is more important than servicing your customers! We have live agents available during business hours, as well as email 24/7, Live Chat, an interactive support site w/ support ticket capability, full downloadable instruction manuals, videos, and more!




Traditional check processing services have excessive fees and hold times. Our technology platform allows you to input checks directly into our gateway, which verifies the checks against national security databases. Then, the gateway quickly processes them directly to your bank account.

Get paid faster with single and recurring invoice requests! You simply build your invoice in our gateway, send it via link or directly to your client’s email address, and your customer pays online using our Secure Gateway. Add as few or as many details as you like. You will know exactly when a customer pays and electronically signs via our instant notification system. For security, we also capture the customer’s IP address and send electronic receipts!

Stop filling out checks manually! Instead send easy, electronic payments to vendors and employees. Delivery options include standard mail, overnight delivery or direct deposit. Plus, do more with your bill pay! We can process bill payments or deposit a check on your behalf directly into a bank account no matter where you are, with no limits!

Need a simple way to get paid on your website without a lot of setup? With our payment buttons, customers pay on your website, e-sign the check. These buttons can easily be integrated anywhere on your site! Instead of paying for costly development fees, simply drop a line of code into your site. We verify everything before they checkout, then you both receive an email with the payment receipt. Get paid right away!

Record and batch upload directly to your account. Sit back, relax, and let our system handle all of the hard work for you! We also use the latest in verification technologies to make sure the checks you enter are valid.

We also built our system with teams in mind, programmable for multiple users and permissions. Need more help? We offer live or on-site training in both English and Spanish.

No more funding delays! You deserve access to your money without delays, processing limits, or a reserve! Remote deposit capture provides the quickest way to get your funds deposited. Many methods take about 3-5 business days, but our next day funding option means we overnight your deposit to your bank for deposit. Tracking provided every step of the way!


RDC and ICL allow banks to pass along information and images in an easy to read file formats to other banks. The 100% electronic systems cut down on operating cost and time for maximum efficiency.

Like paper checks, echecks don’t guarantee completion. They can bounce, be stopped, or be blocked by closed accounts or liens. Here’s what we do to provide as much security as possible…

First, we capture a live-signature from your customer to include with the debit transaction sent to you bank. Then, we use QVT Verification Technology – the only technology offering you four levels of independent verification. This protects you from all types of fraud. Options include standard or elevated electronic verification, live verification with banks, and the ability to block or allow specific customers or banks.

Your customers’ information is crucial! Our systems are compliant with current and future regulations including Bank-Grade 256-Bit secure, PCI-compliant and SLL certified. We constantly upgrade our IP-Blocking technology so your data will always be secure. 

Echecks are...

  • A contactless way for your customers to pay remotely.
  • Quicker than traditional checks because merchants or businesses don't have to take checks to the bank and wait for transport and verification.
  • Low cost for both customers and businesses.
  • Provide less room for errors and mistakes, making them much less risky. 
  • The way of the future. Because they're eco-friendly and more convenient, paper checks will soon be a thing of the past.
  • More secure than paper check because your customer's information is stored in a database instead of on paper.

Yes, eChecks (electronic checks) can be refunded, much like traditional paper checks. However, the process and policies for refunds may vary depending on the financial institutions and the merchant's policies involved. Here are the general steps and options for consumers if they don't receive the product or service they paid for with an eCheck:

  1. Contact the Merchant: The first step should always be to reach out to the merchant directly to request a refund or resolve the issue. Most businesses have refund policies in place and are willing to process refunds for transactions that did not meet customer expectations or were not fulfilled.

  2. Bank Dispute: If the merchant is unresponsive or unwilling to issue a refund, the consumer can contact their bank to dispute the eCheck payment. The consumer will need to provide evidence that the product or service was not received or was not as described. The bank will then investigate the claim, which may result in a chargeback, effectively reversing the payment.

  3. Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Act Protection: In the United States, the Electronic Funds Transfer Act provides consumers with certain protections for electronic payments, including eChecks. If a consumer has unauthorized electronic fund transfers or disputes regarding goods and services purchased with an eCheck, they may have rights under this act, including the right to challenge transactions and receive provisional credit during an investigation.

  4. Legal Action: As a last resort, consumers may consider legal action against the merchant, especially if the amount involved is significant and other avenues have been exhausted. This could involve small claims court or seeking legal advice for possible litigation.

It's important for consumers to act quickly, as there are often time limits for disputes and chargebacks. Additionally, keeping detailed records of the transaction, including communications with the merchant, will support any claims made to the bank or in court.

EChecks and ACH debit transactions are both electronic ways to move money between bank accounts, but they serve different purposes and are initiated differently. EChecks work like electronic versions of paper checks, where the payer authorizes a one-time payment to the payee. They're commonly used for direct deposits, bill payments, and online purchases. On the other hand, ACH debits are set up by the payee to pull funds from the payer's account, usually for recurring payments such as utilities or subscriptions, with the payer's prior authorization.


The main distinction lies in who initiates the transaction and how often authorization is required. EChecks are payer-initiated for single transactions, mimicking the act of writing a check. ACH debits are payee-initiated, allowing for ongoing transactions without needing new authorization each time. Both methods use the ACH network for processing, offering an efficient alternative to traditional checks and wire transfers, with the choice between them depending on the payment's nature and the parties' preferences.


ACH comes with processing limitations and reserve holds. Our echeck processing allows for communication directly with your bank account. This bypasses general 90-180 reserve holds, and also allows for little to no reserve requirements with your bank.

Some clients or vendors simply still prefer a check payments system. They either don't trust the credit card system, or simply want to use a process that's familiar! That's why echeck payment processing provides perfect solution for merchants wanting to cater to these customers.


If you are not offering alternative payment methods to your customers, you are driving your own abandonment rates higher.

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