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Electronic Invoicing With Durango Merchant Service’s Payment Gateway

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Durango Merchant Service's Payment Gateway: Electronic Invoicing

Electronic Invoicing enables merchants to invoice customers via e-mail, and allows customers to make payments by following an embedded link in the email. The customer can then complete the payment process on Durango’s secure server, without you worrying about hosting the sensitive payment data.

Invoices are generated with line by line detailed information and are automatically converted to PDF’s that are attached and sent to the customer’s email address for their records as well.

Simple. Secure. Efficient.

The following features will streamline your payment invoicing process, as well as lessen your PCI compliance burden, as we host the transaction on our secure server, and store the payment data internally, limiting the scope of your data security liabilities, while at the same time providing robust merchant reporting:

  • Simple & Intuitive: Only minutes to your first completed invoice
  • Real-Time Invoice Creation & Delivery: Encourage faster payments
  • Secure: No need for merchants to either host nor store sensitive payment data
  • Reporting: Maintain complete & secure records with our enhanced reporting system
  • Accept Full or Partial Payments: both eCheck or Credit Card payments as well

Each invoice can be fully customized, from simple summary invoices, to specific line-item details for numerous part listings.

Demo Our Electronic Invoicing Service

If you would like to experiment with our Electronic Invoicing service, please use the demo logins to our payment gateway provided on our merchant login page. Once logged into the gateway, click on “Add Invoice” listed on the left hand side. Its so simple, you won’t even need an instruction manual!

To illustrate the service, when an invoice is sent to a customer, the body of the email will show a summary of the invoice due, as well as a link to complete the online payment (as shown in the image below). In addition, a PDF will be attached to the email with the fully itemized invoice (click here to view a sample electronic PDF invoice).

Please remember, that when viewing the sample email & PDF invoice, that where you currently see “Durango Merchant Services,” you would instead see your company’s name (as well as your company’s phone #, URL and contact info), as this sample invoice was created from our Demo gateway account. Electronic Invoicing adds a streamlined process for you to get the most out of your merchant account, without asking your customers to send credit card payment via an unsecured method!

Contact Durango Merchant Services for Electronic Invoicing

If you are interesting in learning more about our Electronic Invoicing service, or if you are tired of leaving your current merchant account manager 3 voicemails before they call you back (no kidding!), then contact Durango Merchant Services today! We offer dedicated account managers that are trained in picking up the phone!

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