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High Volume Credit Card Processing & Merchant Accounts

What is High Volume Credit Card Processing?

High volume merchant accounts are designed for businesses that process $100,000 or more in credit card transactions every month. These accounts come with some unique perks and challenges. On the plus side, they offer lower transaction fees due to the sheer volume of sales, which can save a lot of money over time. They also provide robust support and advanced fraud protection to handle the high transaction rate. However, getting approved for high volume credit card processing can be a bit trickier since processors want to ensure the business is stable and capable of managing such a high number of transactions without running into problems. Overall, if you're running a booming business, a high volume merchant account can be a real game-changer saving you up to 40% on your interchange rate.

Who is Durango Merchant Services?

Durango Merchant Services is a specialized payment processing company founded in 1997, focusing on industries often overlooked by traditional banks and payment processors. We cater to a diverse range of sectors including businesses with high transaction volumes, businesses with large average tickets, luxury goods and services, travel and event ticketing, telemedicine, and nutraceuticals or natural supplements. Understanding the unique challenges faced by the high volume merchants, we provide tailored services to ensure reliable and cost effective payment solutions. Our mission is to offer support and customized payment processing options that address the specific needs of high transaction volume merchants, helping them thrive despite the complexities of their high throughput of transactions.

What Sets Durango Merchant Services Apart from the Rest?

Is High Volume Credit Card Processing Considered High Risk?

Not necessarily. While high transaction volume businesses aren’t automatically considered high risk, certain factors can increase their risk profile. High transaction volume can mean more potential for chargebacks, fraud, and disputes, which might raise red flags for payment processors. However, if a business has a solid track record of managing these risks effectively, maintaining low chargeback rates, and demonstrating financial stability, it may not be categorized as high risk. Industries with inherently higher risk factors, like travel, alcohol sales, or subscription services, may still be seen as high risk even with high transaction volumes. Ultimately, it’s a combination of transaction volume and the nature of the business that determines the risk level.

Why is a High Volume Merchant Account Considered Specialized:

  1. Lower Fees: High volume merchants often get lower transaction fees, which can save a lot of money over time.
  2. Advanced Fraud Protection: With so many transactions, advanced fraud detection and prevention tools are a must to keep everything secure.
  3. Robust Support: These accounts usually come with dedicated customer support to quickly handle any issues that pop up.
  4. Complex Risk Management: Managing a high volume of transactions means dealing with more potential chargebacks and disputes, which requires specialized strategies and tools.
  5. Scalability: The system needs to handle a large and growing number of transactions without hiccups, so it has to be scalable and reliable.
  6. Custom Solutions: High volume businesses often need tailored solutions to fit their specific needs and operations.

Visa Large Volume Interchange Fees

Mastercard Interchange Fees

Durango Merchant Services has helped companies grow from regional startups to national behemoths. We have operations in the US, Canada, the EU and beyond and our gateway is PCI compliant, host multi-currency functionality and a suite of security and chargeback protection technologies. Contact us today to start accepting payments for your high volume business and get up to 40% in savings.

Industries That Often Graduate to High Volume Credit Card Processing Rates

Challenges and Opportunities in Securing High Volume Payment Processing

Challenge 1: Risk Assessment For High Volume Credit Card Processing

Payment processors will closely scrutinize the business’s financial stability, chargeback history, and fraud management practices to ensure it can handle high transaction volumes without excessive risk.
Strategy Chess

In one simple statement: It allows you to showcase your business's strengths.

By maintaining solid financial stability, keeping chargebacks low, and having robust fraud management practices in place, you can turn this scrutiny into a chance to highlight your reliability and professionalism. Think of it as a way to prove your business's resilience and commitment to secure, smooth operations. Plus, once you pass these checks, you're likely to gain better terms and lower fees from your payment processor, making all that effort really pay off.

Challenge 2: High Transaction Volume = Higher Probablilty for Chargebacks

With a high number of transactions, the likelihood of chargebacks and disputes increases, requiring robust systems and smart strategies to manage and minimize these issues effectively.

Strategy Chess

The goal of this challenge is to push merchants to be proactive and smart. By implementing advanced fraud detection tools, you can catch issues before they become chargebacks. Clear communication and excellent customer service can also prevent disputes from escalating. Plus, analyzing chargeback data can reveal patterns, helping you tweak your processes to reduce future occurrences. Building strong relationships with your payment processor and keeping transparent records will also give you more leverage and support in resolving disputes. Turning these challenges into opportunities can actually streamline your operations and boost customer satisfaction in the long run.

Challenge 3. High Volume Credit Card Processing Provides More Opportunity for Fraud

With high volume credit card processing comes a much higher potential for fraudulent transactions. It’s just part of the growing pains that honest companies go through in a world where a few bad apples can ruin the bunch. Implementing advanced fraud detection and prevention measures is essential but can be challenging and require ongoing updates and monitoring.
Strategy Chess

The goal here is to turn fighting fraud into a defining strength. With more transactions, yes, the risk of fraud increases, but this also gives you a chance to implement state-of-the-art fraud detection and prevention systems. By investing in advanced tools and continuously updating your security measures, you not only protect your business but also build trust with your customers. Showing that you take security seriously can be a huge selling point, setting you apart from competitors and fostering long-term loyalty. Plus, the data and insights gained from high transaction volumes can help fine-tune your fraud prevention strategies, making them even more effective over time. Durango Merchant Services account managers are experts in this and can help you get setup properly.

Challenge 4. High Volume Merchant Account Can Come With Higher Fees and Reserves

It is common that high volume merchant accounts come with lower interchange rates, due to the sheer number of transactions being processed. However, processors might, at least initially, still impose higher fees, rolling reserves, or require a cash reserve to mitigate potential risks, which can impact cash flow.

Strategy Chess

This may seem like a challenge, but it can actually be a game-changer for your business. Sure, processors might start off with higher fees or require a cash reserve to cover risks, which can squeeze your cash flow a bit. But, with your high transaction volume, you can often negotiate better rates and terms over time as you demonstrate stability and low chargeback rates.

Plus, those initial reserves are like a safety net, showing processors you're serious about managing risk. Not to mention that as long as chargebacks are low, this IS STILL YOUR MONEY. By building a solid track record, you not only earn their trust but also set yourself up for better deals and lower fees down the line, plus a bit of a financial cushion. Merchants are used to playing the long game, so be smart, use your tech and turn these initial hurdles into stepping stones for future savings and growth.

Challenge 5. High Volume Credit Card Processing Can Necessitate Customized Solutions

High volume merchant accounts need custom solutions because every business is unique, especially when you’re dealing with a large number of transactions. Off-the-shelf payment processing options might not cut it when it comes to handling the specific needs of a high-volume operation. You need tailored fraud prevention tools, scalable infrastructure to handle growth, and flexible payment options that fit your business model. Custom solutions also allow for better integration with your existing systems, streamlined workflows, and optimized transaction fees. Basically, a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work when you’re processing tons of transactions daily; you need something built to handle your unique demands smoothly and efficiently.

Strategy Chess

All in all, high volume credit card processors demands for opening a merchant account are there to manage risk. The challenges and opportunities listed above can help you run your business according to the best practices and help define your business as a leader when it comes to fraud prevention, chargeback mitigation and financial growth. The better you do, the easier and more profitable it gets for your company. This is why finding a provider that can help you navigate the bureaucracy, implement the technology and secure the best rates is so important. Durango Merchant Services is one such Company.

Durango Merchant Services is here to help you overcome the hurdles, and secure a high volume merchant account.

Durango Merchant Services seeks to be your go-to partner for overcoming the hurdles of successfully running a high volume merchant account. With our deep expertise in high-risk and high-volume industries, we offer tailored solutions designed to meet your unique needs. Our advanced fraud prevention tools, scalable infrastructure, and flexible payment options ensure your business operates smoothly, even with a large number of transactions. We provide seamless integration with your existing systems, optimizing workflows and transaction fees to enhance efficiency and profitability. Durango Merchant Services works hard to earn your trust to turn potential challenges into opportunities for growth, keeping your operations secure, compliant, and effortlessly scalable.

Be sure to be as transparent as possible about your processing volume. Once a business enters a certain level of transaction volume, you are under more scrutiny. Also, be continuosly transparent about your growth projections so you can attempt to increase your processing limits as you grow.

International Options for High Volume Credit Card Processing

Durango Merchant Services works with several gateway processors and suppliers with sponsor banking relationships that provide both US based national and international credit card processing solutions for high transaction volume businesses. We can provide high volume merchant accounts in the European Union, United Kingdom, Canada, US & UK Territories as well as Puerto Rico.

Additional Benefits Of Our High Transaction Volume Payment Processing Services

If you get approved for a merchant account as a high transaction volume company with Durango Merchant Services, then you will also be eligible for other benefits that we offer, we can set you up with electronic commerce and recurring billing via our online portal. Businesses can receive the following additional benefits:

Durango Merchant Services Is Here To Help Secure Your High Volume Merchant Account

Our dedicated team has negotiated on behalf of more than 35,000 clients.  We understand the back and forth and give and take of negotiating processing accounts for high risk merchants, including hundreds of high volume merchant accounts.

We know that there aren’t always easy answers. But remember, there is almost always a way forward and if you can make it through the first 3 years with a good track record, life will become much easier and your business will be better for it. Read our guide to how to apply for a high volume merchant account below.

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