The Ultimate Guide To MLM Merchant Accounts In 2021

Are you struggling to obtain a merchant account for your Multilevel Marketing (MLM) Business? This guide is for you! 

Okay! So you’re diving into the world of business ownership and you’re excited to share products you already use and love with your friends and family (and hopefully tons of people from all around the world). Maybe you joined a long-standing, reputable MLM company like Young Living, Mary Kay or Herbalife, or maybe you’re starting a smaller and newer endeavor. No matter where you are on the direct marketing spectrum, you’ll need to make sure to provide your customers with diverse and familiar payment options.

That’s where we come in! Durango Merchant Services has been providing multi-level marketing merchant accounts for over 20 years. Founded in 1997, we specialize in payment services for high risk businesses just like those with the MLM business model. We prioritize customer service and human interaction, and we pride ourselves in our fair fees and quick approvals even for network marketing organizations. 

A few common MLM businesses that will likely need a merchant account to begin accepting digital payments include: 

Of course this list is not exhaustive. The MLM business model can be applied across a wide variety of industries and we’ve worked with many businesses not included in this list. There are many reasons a business may be in need of a high risk merchant account. We can help them all! 

MLM Merchant Accounts and other high risk payment processing by Durango Merchant Services.

Why is getting a MLM merchant account so difficult? Why am I considered high risk? 

According to, the global direct selling market has increased to over 192 billion dollars! Unfortunately, many businesses using the Multi Level Marketing model take advantage of their customers and have created a bad reputation for the industry. For this reason, despite the money-making potential, banks consider all MLM businesses to be “high risk” because of the rampant fraud and high number of chargebacks in the industry.

Of course, not every business that uses network marketing to drive sales is fraudulent! Many MLM businesses are run by honest entrepreneurs who honestly believe in their product and feel that the best way of getting their message out into the world is with direct selling. However, as you likely know, scam artists have been exploiting the structure of multi-level marketing for decades. They use deceptive and illegal practices to reap profits for those at the top of the chain. This usually comes at the expense of the vast majority of their customers and distributors. 

Because of such people, multi-level marketing has become a synonym for “pyramid scheme” in the minds of most financial institutions that offer merchant accounts. Thus, despite the many benefits for MLM businesses of having the ability to accept credit card transactions, finding a processing company willing to give you a second look can be a Herculean task. If you consider yourself to be in direct marketing or the MLM business, then you’ll want to start looking for a high-risk specific payment processor.

Looking for a processor for your MLM business? We can help you get approved for a merchant account!

Payment Processing Options For MLM Businesses and Other High Risk Merchants 

When starting or running your business, you’ll want to accept electronic payments smoothly and efficiently. We aim to find the payment option that works best for your business and your customers.

National and International Options For Multi-Level Marketing Merchant Accounts 

Durango Merchant Services works with several gateway processors and suppliers. These relationships allow us to assist merchants with both US based national and international credit card processing solutions. This might be needed if you run a travel or tourism company with customers across the globe. Expand your customer base both domestically and internationally with payment options for over 150 global currencies 

Please note the following requirements for MLM merchants hoping to open a merchant account through Durango Merchant Services: 


  • Company entity based in the USA.
  • REPRESENTATIVE of the company based in the USA.
  • Bank Account is in the USA


  • Minimum $ 50,000 USD per month in sales
  • The company must be based in the EU


  • Eclectic commerce and recurring billing 
  • Competitive rates
  • Acceptance of multiple currencies and deposits
  • Compatibility with major gateways and shopping carts
  • Accept Visa / MasterCard / American Express at your store
  • Integration assistance with more than 100 shopping carts
  • eCheck processing
  • Our gateway comes with industry leading fraud detection and prevention tools
  • Chargeback prevention tools and advice

Fees and Pricing For Multi-Level Marketing Payment Processing

Although we’d love to give you an overview of the fee structure and estimated costs for a MLM merchant account, each situation is unique. The best way to get a good idea of what you’re going to pay is always to call us! Each situation is unique and we’re happy to jump on a call to discuss your specific business situation.

Multi Level Merchant Accounts are just a few of Durango Merchant Service's offerings which include credit card processing, cryptocurrency and echecks - just to name a few.

Chargeback & Fraud Prevention For Multi-Level Marketing Businesses

Most high risk businesses, including those in the MLM sphere struggle with chargebacks and other types of fraud. Customers, disappointed with their delivered product or service, will simply cancel the charge on their card. While convenient and easy on the customer’s end, this refund from the bank causes serious problems for MLM payment processing companies and supporting banks. With a traditional processor, when your account reaches a chargeback ratio of over 2%, there’s a high chance your account could be fined or closed. That’s why we take added measures to protect your account from fraud and chargebacks. Our tools are designed to identify and notify us and you of any potential problems with your account BEFORE you get fined or shut down. 

MLM business owners should always work to establish a responsible and transparent employee and customer base. Responsive customer service, quality products and easy to understand refund policies help customers feel more confident in their purchased goods. You could also try customer surveys sent with a follow up receipt to catch any dissatisfaction before customers go as far as to create a chargeback. Make contact information easy to find as well!

You can read more about our chargeback and fraud prevention services on our blog.

Accepting Credit Cards With Durango Merchant Services

If you would like to chat with one of our experienced account managers, feel free to reach out via email or phone. We would be happy to answer any questions you have and get you started on your free application. We’ve worked with hundreds of MLM companies to increase their payment options and expand their customer base. Our in house team will take the time to learn about your specific business and create a customized action plan.