Understanding Merchant Processing for EU & UK Businesses

Understanding Merchant Processing for UK Businesses

The United Kingdom has a bustling and thriving business economy, with industries spanning overseas and across international borders. From technology to automotive and creative services, the wide-ranging expertise in the UK means that serving customers will require an ability to accept debit and credit card payments from anywhere in the world using an EU merchant processing account.

European Merchant Accounts for UK Businesses

All over the world, customers are looking for a service or product just like yours. They pop online, do a bit of research, poke around in the reviews, and make a final purchasing decision when they feel comfortable. UK businesses that don’t offer convenient payment processing for the over 160 currencies in the European Union end up missing out on a vast international market share.

** Please note: We are able to service and provide merchant accounts to both USA merchants looking to expand their customer base into the United Kingdom AND existing European businesses looking for a merchant account. Either way, businesses applying for a merchant account with us are recommended to have an office on UK soil to aid with the application and approval process. **


There are significant differences between US and European Union merchant accounts, which are out of the scope of this article; however, the link above will take you to another article that describes these differences in greater detail.

EU Merchant Processing in the UK Boosts Profits & Efficiency

A European Union merchant account allows businesses in any industry to expand sales operations across borders, overseas, and onto the competitive economic stage. By offering multiple payment methods and accepting multiple currencies, you will drive more customers to your business and build a loyal following around the globe.

Flexibility in your digital commerce operations will not only increase revenue but encourage a more efficient and streamlined sales process. With a program that uses transparent basis points as fee structures, this is a recipe for success in the UK world-stage economy.

UK Merchant Processing for High-Risk Industries 

Unfortunately, many high-risk industries like antiques and collectables, pawnshops, and membership sites are denied merchant services from credit card processing companies and banks. These organizations are highly risk-averse. Some of them outright refuse to work with any UK business they deem to be high-risk.  Others charge extremely high fees that make it difficult to offer the best prices and make a decent profit. It also makes it difficult for the organization to operate efficiently.   

Of particular concern in high-risk UK industries is they frequently face fraud and expensive chargebacks. High-priced items are targets for fraud, and the investigation process is generally biased toward the cardholder.  The reason banks view these industries as high risk is because refunds, chargebacks, or thievery can cost the bank.  In these cases, the UK merchant is responsible for covering the chargebacks and fraud losses, but the processing company has to pay the difference if the merchant doesn’t have the money. That makes it too high-risk for many payment processing companies. 

We don’t work like that.  We believe high-risk industries are vital to the UK and world economic health and success.  Our processor for European merchant accounts, ensures secure and safe transactions for both the business and the consumer.  It’s a win-win.

Why Choose Durango Merchant Services for Merchant Processing in the UK?

Credit card processing companies have significantly complicated the payment industry, making things harder for business owners and entrepreneurs to benefit from accepting digital payments worldwide. Payment processors have a reputation for “nickel-and-diming,” “spinning your wheels,” up-charging, and tacking on extra fees.  

Unfair denials, pricey markups, confusing language, and complicated application processes end here at Durango Merchant Services.  

For over 20 years, we’ve been working with gateway payment processors, suppliers, and acquiring banks to help UK businesses process credit cards and payments from anywhere in the world.  The benefits of working with our certified processing consultants include: 

  • Payments are PCI compliant  with military-grade encryption that secures transactions.  
  • Multi-currency payment processing allows the UK firm to expand into global markets by accepting local payments in currencies customers are most comfortable using.
  • Multiple payment methods allow you to accept all major credit cards and Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, and Samsung Pay. 
  • Funds are delivered in record time, so you can enjoy three-day, next-day, and same-day settlements.
  • Optimized acceptance rates help your UK business avoid embarrassing or frustrating failed payments.
  • Our expert support staff includes certified payment consultants dedicated to helping you accept credit card payments with high-value features such as API integration, payer authentication, and fraud protection tools. 

To see a complete list of features, please visit our credit card processing page.

Sign Up for Fast, Secure, and Convenient UK Merchant Processing

At Durango Merchant Services, we can’t promise free payment processing, but we can promise: 

  • Small town, small business ethics
  • A dedicated account manager for the life of the UK merchant processing account
  • The most up-to-date and relevant software/hardware and solutions
  • Transparent pricing

The process is easy, and the benefits are impossible to ignore—call 1-866-415-2636 to talk to a UK merchant processing team member.


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