European Merchant Accounts For Processing Credit Cards In The EU

European Merchant Accounts Explained

The European Union is comprised of 27 countries, all of which have various preferred currencies and payment methods. As a EU business Setting up a European merchant account will help your business extend sales operations onto the international stage, which is critical to a firm’s expansion into new global markets. 

** Before reading on, please note: We are able to service and provide merchant accounts to both USA merchants and EU businesses, however looking to expand their customer base in the EU AND existing European businesses looking for a merchant account. Either way, businesses applying for a merchant account with us are recommended to have an office on EU soil to aid with the application and approval process. **

What Are European Union Merchant Account Services?

A European Union merchant account allows businesses to accept transactions from European customers, easily and quickly accommodating over 160 currencies and several payment gateway methods. European merchant account are non-negotiable if you’re running an e-commerce business targeted towards customers in the EU. We can help make purchasing an easy, enjoyable experience. We create convenient, online shopping with multiple payment options.  

Merchant processing in countries like the UK, France, and Germany is similar to that in the US, but there are still some requirements for doing business in the EU markets. Many companies mistakenly believe a US merchant account will sufficiently cover international credit card processing. There’s a lot of competition in the US payments industry, so the rates quoted for US merchant accounts don’t generally cover European payment gateway fees and other charges associated with international commerce.  Further, US payment processors are notorious for hiking up international currency fees and denying merchants they deem to be high-risk.  

There are significant differences between USA and European Union merchant accounts, which are out of the scope of this article; however, clicking on the link above will take you to another article that describes these differences in greater detail. 

Never Lose a Sale with European Merchant Accounts 

The most significant advantage to signing up for a European merchant account is boosting revenue by expanding into a global market. These merchant services help business owners make their customer’s experience and buying journey faster, more convenient, and secure. The easier and safer it is for them to purchase, the more likely they are to complete the transaction. 

EU merchant accounts and credit card processing services allow multinational organizations—no matter where they’re located—to transact business all over the world by accepting multi-currency payments and card transactions, as well as multiple payment methods. This boosts revenue and builds an international collection of happy, loyal customers. 

Application Requirements for a European Merchant Account

As mentioned above, it’s a bit more difficult and less helpful for a merchant to focus only on USA accounts, even if most of your business is done in the States. A European merchant account opens the door to global opportunities, and it’s easy to set up.  

The application process for signing up for a European Union merchant account is straightforward. Even high-risk industries are encouraged to apply, as they are more likely to be approved for an EU account than a US-only account. Here’s what you need to know about the process:

  • It’s free to apply
  • There’s no obligation.
  • Approval times are fast — usually between one to two weeks.

We will walk you through the steps once the application is complete and all supporting documents are provided—including signer ID, bank statements, payment processing history, and business entity details. The EU now requires e-commerce businesses to set up a European corporation, which means you’ll need to show a physical presence in Europe. We can recommend persons to help you with that as well.

Why Choose Durango Merchant Services for Your European Merchant Accounts?

Our top-notch European merchant accounts and payment processing services are set up on the ground in the EU. Here’s why that’s important:

  • Payments are PCI compliant and secure with military-style encryption to safeguard your business and customers with the best technology and authentication tools. 
  • Multi-currency payment processing allows you to expand into global markets by conveniently accepting local payments in currencies your customers are most comfortable using.
  • Multiple payment methods allow you to accept all major credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, or Samsung Pay. 
  • Funds are delivered in record time, so you can enjoy a three-day, next-day, and same-day settlement.
  • Optimized acceptance rates help you avoid embarrassing or frustrating failed payments by getting you fast, easy access to data.
  • Our expert certified consultants are dedicated to helping you accept credit card payments with high-value features such as API integration, payer authentication, and fraud protection tools. 

To see a complete list of features, please visit our credit card processing page.

Sign Up for Fast, Secure, and Convenient Payments with an EU Merchant Account

At Durango Merchant Services, we can’t promise free payment processing for your US or European merchant account, but we can promise: 

  • Small town, small business ethics
  • A dedicated account manager for the life of the European merchant account
  • The most up-to-date and relevant software/hardware and solutions
  • Transparent pricing with basis points clearly explained

The process is easy, and the benefits are impossible to ignore—call 1-866-415-2636 to talk to an EU merchant services team member. 

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