Is your business classified as ‘high-risk’?


Is your business classified as ‘high-risk’?

Some eCommerce companies classified as “high-risk” encounter uncertainties when it comes to payment processing. Durango Merchant Services provides real-time solutions to the challenges they face day-to-day.

Memberships, crypto, travel, startups, non-profits – a range of niches are labeled high-risk businesses. Due to this ‘high-risk’ status, companies routinely struggle with chargebacks, approval, and poor processing rates. The fact is, most banks are reluctant to back high-risk ventures; they’re selective of clientele and remain hesitant to work with anyone that doesn’t fit strict criteria. Operations of all shapes and sizes must continuously juggle the uncertainties associated with standard payment processes. Needless to say, things get complicated – fast.

Do you need a more reliable way to process payments? Durango Merchant Services overcomes common high-risk issues via a client-friendly approach to payment processing. Here companies gain instant access to credit card and check processing, chargeback and fraud solutions, crypto-currency and e-commerce processing, and buy now pay later services. Make no mistake, we’re straight shooters who understand what it takes to optimize businesses just like yours.


Is Durango Merchant Services right for you?

With decades of experience, we’re a reliable partner that specializes in high-risk businesses. One-on-one direct support streamlines your payment processing capabilities so you can focus on developing your business. Full transparency alongside the best possible rates possible puts the power back into your hands. We may be the perfect fit as you grow; let’s explore a few ways we help clients each day!

Credit card processing

Credit card transactions should be straightforward from start to finish; this is not always the case. The banks have intentionally over-complicated the digital payment process. These middlemen are in the business of taking advantage of owners. Unfortunately, high-risk businesses are more likely to face issues when accepting credit card payments. Complicated language, extortionary fees, and a round-about application process leads to the failure. Thankfully, Durango Merchant Services’ eCommerce skills save you money and alleviate the risk of chargebacks or decline. Wireless to mobile pay solutions maximizes profit while keeping customers happy.

eCommerce gateway

High-risk merchant accounts require a special level of care; let the professionals do the heavy lifting. Whether collecting in fiat or cryptocurrency, our transparent payment portal leverages advanced mid-routing and batch processing to ensure you always get paid. Our quick fee service is a great option for contractors as it pays the merchant in full before collecting from customers. Durango Pay divides transactions across as many merchant accounts as you need, instilling peace of mind at every turn. Perform multiple billings for customers to meet a variety of unique needs including subscriptions, monthly billings, and more.

Chargeback and fraud solutions

The dynamic world of e-commerce can be somewhat unpredictable due to chargebacks and the potential for fraud. For high-risk merchants, it is essential to integrate additional security measures that protect everyone involved. EMV 3ds Secure 2.0. from Durango Merchant Services secures the exchange of data between card issuers and merchants without customers submitting additional information. If further details need confirming then the customer can use a one-time passcode sent to their phone for verification. This system guarantees the payments are smooth and secure for all parties involved.

eCheck payment processing

Whether you are a new business or already established, we are ready to meet your unique needs and simplify the processes associated with check payments. Our team works with you to create the smoothest processing of processing possible, regardless of where you are or what you do. With an online non-ACH processing system, users can remotely deposit to any US bank via sophisticated image-processing capabilities. Real-time verification guarantees safe, secure, and swift exchanges that meet national financial institution payment standards. Watch as an ability to collect allows you to improve operations and customer satisfaction.

Cryptocurrency processing

Accepting cryptocurrency as a payment option has become an increasingly popular option over the years. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin – an endless number of dynamic cryptocurrencies give businesses the ability to collect on their own terms. Now is a great time to integrate crypto into your operation. We provide secure crypto payment processing while minimizing your losses from chargebacks, fraud, and fees. This is a reliable, smart to accept these digital payments without fear of market volatility. With minimal fees and maximum real-time support, our 21st-century approach to payments keep your business a step ahead of the competition.


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