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Credit Card Processing In The American Territories, US Virgin Islands and British Virgin Islands

Credit Card Processing US Territories, US Virgin Islands (UVI) and British Virgin Islands (BVI) A merchant account gives you the power to accept credit and debit card transactions, making it an essential tool for any business, whether it welcomes customers to a brick-and-mortar storefront or a web-based ecommerce store. However, merchants operating in the U.S.

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Here are our top tips and tricks for credit card processing and merchant services in Puerto Rico.
High Risk Payment Processing

Credit Card Processing In Puerto Rico

CREDIT CARD PROCESSING IN PUERTO RICO Puerto Rico Merchant Accounts The ability to accept credit and debit card payments is a necessity in today’s economic landscape. Add credit card processing to your business tool belt! Your Puerto Rico merchant account serves as your passport into the world of ecommerce, granting you access to customers around

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Small Business Merchant Account

Small Business Merchant Account: Filtering Out the Noise In a consumer culture that sees fewer and fewer people carrying cash, preferring instead the security of debit and credit cards, the ability of a small business to accept transactions using these forms of payment is indispensable. However, the vast array of options offered by payment card

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International Multi-Currency Credit Card Processing

International Multi-Currency Credit Card Processing The internet has helped break down many of the conventional borders to commerce, including national boundaries, making it easier for businesses to become truly global. However, many payment processing companies haven’t caught up with this more cosmopolitan business world, and make it expensive or impossible for merchants outside the United

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High Risk Payment Processing

Canadian Merchant Accounts

Canadian Merchant Accounts At Durango, we often get the question from potential Canadian clients, “how do I get a merchant account?” To start, we have several different types of merchant accounts catered to Canadian merchants, including the merchant account for Canadian businesses. However, there are some key variables that need to be taken into account

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