International Multi-Currency Credit Card Processing

International Multi-Currency Credit Card Processing

The internet has helped break down many of the conventional borders to commerce, including national boundaries, making it easier for businesses to become truly global. However, many payment processing companies haven’t caught up with this more cosmopolitan business world, and make it expensive or impossible for merchants outside the United States to get accounts, because they are regarded as carrying a higher risk for the processing institution than U.S. merchants do. In addition, doing business with customers in other countries remains challenging due to language and currency barriers. These obstacles make it harder to realize the full potential of global commerce offered by online sales.

That’s why we’ve partnered with a worldwide leader in international multi-currency credit card processing. Their service unites the most necessary and convenient elements of global payment processing, helping merchants and customers all over the world connect easily and securely. We understand the need that merchants have to provide flexibility in payment options to their customers, to allow them to make purchases in their own currency, and to offer a payment gateway in their own language. An international multi-currency credit card processing account will allow you to accept payments via MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, Diner’s Club, PayPal, JCB, and debit cards (in the U.S.) through a single payment gateway, which is translatable into 15 languages and is compatible with 26 international currencies used by buyers and sellers in more than 200 countries globally.

That payment gateway itself is also an important part of the service you can access. When a buyer clicks the checkout button to place their order and is directed to a page that looks completely unrelated to the website of the business from which they’re buying, it tends to confuse or unsettle the customer. A checkout system that appears consistent with the rest of the company’s website is more trustworthy to most buyers. With this payment gateway we offer, you have the ability to customize your gateway to match your website’s background and color theme using the Direct Checkout service. You can upload logos that will appear on your checkout pages, and include your business’s contact information and links to your shipping and return policies, which increase customer confidence and make them feel more secure in completing their purchases.

Of course, making your customers feel secure is only half the battle; you also need to ensure that your online transactions are protected and that your customers’ financial data is safe. Both domestic and international multi-currency credit card processing companies are subject to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS), a set of regulations that establish standards for the protection of customers’ financial information. This solution is PCI Level 1 certified, the highest available level of PCI certification, which reflects the investment and effort made to protecting your customer data. There are redundant data centers which store and encrypt millions of payment card accounts, enabling merchants to focus on serving their clients rather than on data security, while knowing that their customers’ financial information, and their own reputation as a reliable business, remains safe. Also employed is a set of proprietary fraud-prevention algorithms and techniques tailored to specific industries and regions, enabling the system to identify fraudulent activity therefore reducing its impact on your business.

Merchants who apply for an international multi-currency merchant account through us are also able to take advantage of an industry-leading recurring billing system. One-time customers are certainly valuable, but long-term clients are the foundation of many industries, and an easy and reliable recurring billing system is essential to support their continued business. It’s simple to set up any billing interval your company requires, allowing you the flexibility to step outside the more conventional time increments as needed.

Business owners have enough complicated tasks to keep track of simply by virtue of running their company; payment processing should be as simple as possible. By using this system, you can enjoy the benefit of bundling the payment gateway and merchant account into a single service without needing to deal with the intermediary of a merchant bank or juggle multiple contract agreements. You will have access to reliable call center support to help address any issues that may arise, and you will be able to transact business from essentially anywhere in the world, save for OFAC listed countries (North Korea, Cuba, Iran, Syria, Sudan, China, and Myanmar, etc.). The internet offers nearly limitless flexibility and freedom to businesses, allowing smaller merchants to operate on a global scale. With our international multi-currency credit card processing solution, your business can take advantage of that promise of free commercial enterprise.


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