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Can My High Risk Merchant Account Integrate With Quickbooks?

Integrate Your Merchant Account With Quickbooks Accounting Software

Are you overwhelmed with your accounting and bookkeeping? Busywork can be overwhelming but our Durango Merchant Services Quickbooks integration helps get your money in your hands faster!

In this fast-paced digital world, technology has revolutionized the world of accounting. Those time-consuming tasks that businesses face can now be completed more efficiently online through innovative electronic solutions. Advancements in technology have allowed companies to automate their accounting, helping to reduce the need for outsourced accountants. Not only does it help to expedite the process, but it reduces the need for manual data entry, which in turn helps to prevent mistakes.

No matter whether you operate a high-risk merchant account, run a global e-commerce store, or you work in the telemedicine industry, we know how beneficial effective accounting software can be. One of the most common questions we are asked is regarding our merchant account QuickBooks integration, so to help you, we have taken a closer look.

What is QuickBooks Payments?

Before looking at our merchant account QuickBooks integration, we thought we would take a closer look at the platform. Research has shown that 78% of small businesses now rely on cloud accounting, and QuickBooks is one of the world leaders.

QuickBooks merchant services are utilized around the world, with 40% of their customers being small businesses. Developed by Intuit merchant services, the software allows users to save time and control all of their online accounting in one place. Although initially designed for small businesses, QuickBooks merchant services provides a range of software solutions. This includes everything from QuickBooks Self-Employed for single users up to QuickBooks Enterprise, which is designed for large businesses with over 30 users.

Save Money With A Quickbooks Alternative

Quickbooks currently uses a fixed or tiered pricing structure which leads to higher rates and inflated costs. In contrast, Durango Merchant Services utilizes an interchange plus pricing structure. This means that cost and markup are never blended together so that each fee and add on cost is transparent and obvious. No confusing mark ups here! When your transaction qualifies for a lower rate, that’s the rate you pay.

Enjoy the best of both worlds with our merchant account QuickBooks integration. You will be able to utilize either QuickBooks desktop or QuickBooks online for your accounting software, while using Durango Merchant Services for your payment processing. Process your payments against your existing receipts and invoices while minimizing the QuickBooks credit card processing fees. QuickBooks knows that most merchants are either inexperienced or too busy, which is why they can get away with charging higher fees. Our integration helps you reduce QuickBooks credit card processing fees.

Here are a few other benefits of switching to Durango Pay:

Add payment features

like recurring invoices, mobile pay, and more

Get paid quicker

with omni channel credit card, echeck and on the go payment options

Diversify your payment options

with charges, receipts and payments for vendors, in-person sales and remote invoicing

Transparent interchange

plus pricing to minimize processing costs

SyncPay Integration For Quickbooks DESKTOP

Our unique software is fully compatible with QuickBooks through QuickBooks™ SyncPay Plug-In. After downloading the plugin, SyncPay links directly with your Quickbooks desktop software (this solution is only for desktop users). Suitable for businesses of all sizes, our Intuit merchant services integration can provide your company with the benefits listed above while also avoiding double entry with seamless integration right inside the Quickbooks system.

Our merchant account QuickBooks integrations are designed to help you enjoy a more efficient accounting solution. We understand what our clients want, which is why our Merchant Account QuickBooks integrations have been designed to ensure you still use the exact same processes you’re used to.

To maximize efficiency, customers are able to sync transactions and pay invoices without leaving QuickBooks. In addition to that, merchants can also process multiple payments against open invoices with a simple click of a button. Durango Merchant Services compatibility also ensures real-time updates, allowing you to always know your accounting status.

Head to our merchant log in page and use the following information to check out our full range of features!

Currently we are able to integrate with all versions of Quickbooks including Premier, Pro and Enterprise. No Mac compatibility at this time.

Integrations For Quickbooks ONLINE

Durango Merchant Services integrates with Quickbooks online through a flexible, cost-saving application, which provides the ability to sync transactions and pay invoices without leaving QuickBooks. This app allows you to complete transactions, invoice customers, process payments and then sync to Quickbooks. Similarly to our desktop solution, transactions are processed directly in Quickbooks for seamless and straightforward accounting.

Our database is completely PCI certified so your business and customer information is secure. Plus! No more manual entry! Automatic connections pull data so all of your records are up-to-date and reconciled.

Learn More About Integrating Quickbooks With Our Payment Gateway

Are you looking for a more efficient and affordable processing solution for your business? Durango Merchant Services is dedicated to providing our clients with the very best service possible. Durango has been designed to give you a complete solution, for everything from credit card and check processing, to leading fraud protection and security.

We know how confusing the world of merchant services can be, which is why our team is standing by to help! For over 20 years, we have been providing the processing industry with innovative and first-class solutions. Want to find out how we can help you? Get in touch with our team today!

And finally, are you interested in sharing this cost-saving quickbooks integration with your friends or clients? Our affiliate partners work with us to help businesses accept credit cards and other payment options. In return, we provide lifetime residuals for the lifetime of the accounts.  If this seems like a good fit for you, check out our affiliate program HERE.

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