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The Difference Between USA and EU Payment Processing Accounts

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The Difference Between USA and EU Payment Processing Accounts

When it comes time to consider signing up for e-commerce payment processing, it’s time to think about expansion into the global market as well. Americans aren’t always as aware of European business culture, so it’s important to understand those differences before opening operations on foreign soil.

At Durango Merchant Services, we help new, established, and high-risk businesses build a presence in the European Union market. From legal and regulatory requirements to accepting payments in local currency, we’re here to make the process easier.  Here are a few places to start in understanding the difference between a US and EU merchant account for payment processing:

We are able to service and provide merchant accounts to both USA merchants looking to expand their customer base in the EU AND existing European businesses looking for a merchant account. Either way, businesses applying for a merchant account with us are recommended to have an office on EU soil to aid with the application and approval process.

Payment Processing Differences Between USA and EU Merchant Accounts

One of the most significant differences between the two merchant accounts is US payment processing companies are much more competitive. Hence, prices are considerably lower than those seen in European Union merchant accounts.  While that may sound like a dream to a budget-conscious business owner, lower prices mean stricter approval standards. Merchants are frequently denied a US account for various reasons, like a less-than-stellar FICO score or selling high-priced items susceptible to fraud or chargebacks. 

Aside from the cost and approval rates, a European merchant account is easier to sign up for than a US account because there aren’t so many regulations or risk-averse banks and payment processing companies.

Finally, it’s essential to consider that not all US payment processing companies allow you to accept multiple currencies and payment methods in the European Union. This can cost you sales, as consumers in other countries want to buy with their own currency.

Leverage Both USA and EU Merchant Accounts for Payment Processing

Over the last 20+ years, the hardest thing we’ve had to do is tell a merchant the US banks and payment processing companies have denied their application, and there’s nothing to do except pack up and forget it.  Thankfully, that’s no longer the end of the road.  While the US may have been the first to bring payment processing to e-commerce, expanding the global market, they are no longer the only merchant service providers out there.

A European merchant account is also an excellent solution for high-risk industries like antiques and collectables, pawnshops, and membership sites. Whether you’ve been denied a US merchant account or your US payment processing company doesn’t offer international currency conversion and multiple payment methods outside North America, an EU merchant account for payment processing is the perfect solution.

You can use both accounts to expand your sales growth, mitigate exposure, and get higher authorization rates. And if you’ve been denied a US merchant account, don’t worry!  Once you’re approved and set up with an EU merchant account, it’s easier to get approved in the US market when you can show a few months of low-risk transactions and chargebacks within an acceptable range.

Why Use Durango Merchant Services for US and EU Accounts?

Payment processing has always been a complex industry, but it’s getting better.  Gone are the unfair denials, pricey markups, confusing language, and complicated application processes. Those problems end here at Durango Merchant Services. 

For over 20 years, we’ve been working with gateway payment processors, suppliers, and acquiring banks in the European Union to help businesses process credit cards payments from anywhere in the world.  The primary benefits of working with us include:

To see a complete list of features, please visit our credit card processing page.

Sign Up for Fast, Secure, and Convenient Payment Processing

At Durango Merchant Services, we can’t promise free payment processing, but we can promise: 

  • Small town, small business ethics
  • A dedicated account manager for the life of the UK merchant processing account
  • The most up-to-date and relevant software/hardware and solutions
  • Transparent pricing with basis points

The application process is easy, and the benefits are impossible to ignore—call 1-866-415-2636 to talk to a UK merchant processing team member. 

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