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The Most Complete Suite of Tools To Help Your Business Grow

Durango Merchant Services has been in the credit card payment processing industry for nearly 2 Decades and we have the tools and expertise to show for it. Use our easy to follow comparison chart to see why you can rest assured that when you go with Durango, you will be going with the best!

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Advanced Mid-Routing

Advanced Mid Routing provides the merchant with load balancing across an unlimited amount of merchant accounts (MIDs). Fields defined by the merchant can also be balanced across multiple MIDS. Durango Pay™ can divide your transactions across as many merchant accounts as you need. This allows stability and peace of mind in case a challenge arises with a particular merchant account. Instead of having a nightmare on your hands, you can still process with a live account and have money coming in, all done behind the scenes. And the best part… it’s done AUTOMATICALLY! There are multiple avenues you can choose.

For Example: The first transaction can go to a specific processor, the second transaction to another, and so on. This can work for your website, virtual terminal, or even swiped transactions through our system. Transactions can be routed automatically to maintain a total dollar amount or percentage allocated by account holder. Custom descriptions can also be added to the MID inside the Virtual Terminal. Users can select individual MIDs to route a transaction.

Batch Processing

A service to their customers under its own name. Durango’s Gateway Batch Processing allows merchants to run multiple transactions at one time. Batch Processing is the means by which a merchant submits multiple transactions.

This method is most useful to those who perform multiple billings for customers. This can include subscriptions, monthly billings, etc. The merchant collects the credit card information in a file and then exports the file to Durango Pay™ for processing.

These file types include .XLS, .TXT and .CSV. The files can include different varieties of transactions from sales to credits, and credit card charges.

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The Gateway Emulator

Switching from your existing gateway to Durango Pay™ is simple with the Gateway Emulator. You can switch without having to rework or reprogram your existing applications. The Gateway Emulator understands other gateway formats and is capable of interpreting the data and incoming information to respond correctly inside our gateway. Simply put, with little to no hassle, you can switch gateways, saving time and money, bypassing what would be a complex switchover. Complexity. Simplified.

Dashboard Analytics

Dashboard Analytics are given to the ISOs and merchants to learn about their business. This will be a top down solution for businesses. Oversee every aspect of your company’s performance: sales, authorizations, and refunds etc. Limit the number of places used to measure your business. Detect trends and take the guesswork out of your business—all in ONE PLACE!

Shopping Cart Integration

DurangoCart™ is an easy option for e-commerce merchants who do not have an IT staff or developers to handle credit card processing.

Third Party Shopping Carts

There are a significant number of shopping carts that have integrated into the payment gateway, giving the merchants multiple options to find a shopping cart that fits their business best.

A Developer’s Dream to Integrate With Your Shopping Cart

  • Semi-Restful JSON based API allows for a simple integration that works across all platforms and devices.
  • The Simplified API is a Unified API that allows a single integration to process card-not-present as well as card-present processing via quick chip enabled EMV terminals.
  • Cloud based platform supporting active-active processing in multiple geographic locations simultaneously. A TRUE active-active solution for the electronic processing industry!
  • Our control panel consumes 100% of the API… See something you like and want to write your own custom control panel? Our API enables you to take complete control if you want it.

A Virtual Terminal

A Virtual Terminal is used to process credit cards and ACH transactions from any computer or device with an internet connection from ANYWHERE in the world.
This allows you to securely and efficiently handle a series of tasks such as verification, reporting, and processing credit card and ACH transactions.

A Virtual Terminal has its own advantages. For example, it simplifies the payment process for mail order, telephone, and off-site sales events such as conferences. You can also access the Customer Vault, Recurring Billing, Reporting, and many other features through the virtual terminal.

Watchdog Fraud Management

Watchdog is a fraud management tool used to set rules and filters, to zero in onreventing and detecting suspicious transactions. Transactions can be declined/approved, pre and post authorization.


This fraud-deterring tool (Watchdog™) is used for its extensive reporting capabilities, while giving the merchants a simple, fast and effective way to view all of their transactions in one place. Watchdog is one of the first payment tools to use a machine learning algorithm. Innovative and ahead of its time, models are exposed to new data, while independently adapting to the data as it comes in. (More Data = More Security.) The most important part of combating fraud is DETERENCE. Monitor your transactions today with WatchDog™!

Recurring Billing

Recurring payments are convenient for customers, and they offer significant advantages for merchants too. Help simplify the payment process while increasing cash flow and reducing overall costs to capture payments. It is a simple and effective way to increase billing efficiency. This is a tool used for submitting and managing recurring, or subscription based transactions. Completely customizable, it reduces costs with manual transactions, and helps enhance loyalty for your brand. Keep your processing & billing SIMPLE with recurring billing.

Recurring Types

Traditional Recurring

Merchant is setup and bills a single cardholder via CC or ACH (e-check) on a specific day for an indefinite or specified amount of time.

Add-on – Supplemental amount to a primary charge. Here an example: charge $10 a month for a gym membership with an additional $5 per month for use of the pool. You can create as many ‘add-ons’ or additional recurring as needed.


Deduction from the usual cost. Here’s an example: sign up for recurring billing and save 10% monthly on your sock subscription. Or you can give a straight cost break.

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EMV & Mobile

All of our Dejavoo™ supported terminals are EMV Chip Card Ready & Certified. Every terminal also comes with the following features:

NFC Contactless For:

Apple Pay
Samsung Pay
Google Wallet

Touch screen terminal models are also available along with 3G support if needed. WIFI support is also included in each device, enabling your merchants to process anywhere in the world with an active data connection. Daisy chain your cell phone service to process transactions! Tired of changing mobile swipes every year with new phones coming out constantly? Eradicate the painful swipe devices out there for a true mobile solution.

Contact us for more information on our state of the art mobile processing solution! Every signature captured on the terminals is also FULLY STORED in the gateway with the transaction details! Eliminate the clutter of receipts for your merchants while keeping all reporting inside the gateway!

Work smarter, not harder.