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Are you overpaying for Quickbooks Credit Card Processing?

You’re Overpaying For Your QuickBooks Credit Card Processing

Intuit’s QuickBooks has been the industry leader in providing accounting and bookkeeping products for years. The system’s comprehensive range of accounting, invoicing and payroll products make it the go-to option for small and medium businesses around the world. Convenient, easy and professional!

Although QuickBooks’ bookkeeping and accounting softwares are unrivaled, their processing features and fees can be overpriced. QuickBooks and Intuit uses its brand recognition and existing customers to upsell payment processing. The merchant services are easily integrated, however, and you’re likely paying more than you need to. It’s time to look for a Quickbooks alternative!

Quickbooks: Online Or Desktop Version

Are you using Quickbooks online or desktop? Durango Merchant Services provides solutions for both! We have partnered with small and medium-sized businesses for over 23 years. We understand how a fraction of extra per transaction fee can result in substantial losses for merchants. Let us help!

Are You Paying Too Much For Credit Card Processing?

To evaluate whether you are overpaying for your processing fee, you must first understand the pricing structures of various processors. Understanding complex pricing structures doesn’t always require a full deep dive into processing terms and definitions. Look at what you’re currently paying and compare it to other options! All processors should issue a monthly statement where you can go through each fee and check for places to save money.

Merchants who would like to accept credit cards have to pay a variety of fees including interchange fees, assessment fees and processing fees. These fees are paid out to the bank that issued the credit card, the credit card payment network, and the payment processor. The first two fees (to the bank and network) are relatively fixed. The fees paid to the payment processor vary by provider and should be evaluated often for chances to save money! Focus on these when you’re evaluating your statement!

* You can learn more about how interchange plus pricing (the most transparent) and tiered or flat rate pricing (the pricing structure Quickbooks uses) works on our blog.

QuickBooks Payment Processing - Plans and Pricing

At the time this article was written, Quickbooks processing costs ranged from 2.5%-4% with a flat fee per transaction from $0.25-0.30. Quickbooks Payments prioritizes customer rates based on a few different factors:

  • The length of time customers have used their services: Intuit has changed it’s merchant agreements through the years so you will want to look at the pricing schedule that corresponds with the year you signed up for your account.
  • The Quickbooks version you use (online, desktop, ecommerce or gopayments)
  • How often you want to pay your fees (“pay as you go” and “pay monthly”)
  • Your processing volume: You get discounts the more you process.
  • The types of transactions you process: Because Intuit uses flat rate pricing, different types of transactions have different rates. If you key in transactions or submit card not present (CNP) transactions (like electronic invoicing) then you’ll pay a higher percentage.

Quickbooks uses a flat rate pricing structure, making it easy to understand. However, we believe in transparency and ease of use AND fair pricing! Not to mention, this pricing table only includes the transaction fees for Quickbooks credit card processing services. You’ll still need to pay for the bookkeeping application.

If you feel like you’re paying too much for Quickbooks built in processing systems – and we bet you are – then it’s time to look at other options!

Is The Quickbooks Pricing Model Right For You?

Are these QuickBooks credit card processing fees too high? According to US News, Quickbooks processing gets a 3.5 / 5.0 just because of their high credit card processing fees. Instead of a one-size fits all approach, Durango Merchant Services works with each client according to their needs. We evaluate businesses on a case by case base and find solutions that work well for each individual business.

Take a look at your statement! Do the numbers make sense? Does your total bill fit your processing budget? Or are there additional fees thrown in that you don’t understand? Does the overall number just look too high? Let us take a look! Our free quote process allows one of our experienced account managers to take a look at your statement and evaluate whether or not we will be able to save you money.

In our experience, the Quickbooks processing fees are almost always higher than what we can offer. They are able to charge a premium for their services by offering easy integration and a simple application process. The truth is that many processors can offer that same easy integration and application process, but charge lower rates!

The Best Of Both Worlds: Durango Merchant Services As An Alternative To Quickbooks & Intuit

Can you really have it all? State of the art accounting software AND merchant services you can trust? QuickBooks’ specialty and expertise remains primarily in accounting and bookkeeping services. Durango Merchant Services offers an intuitive and complete suite of tools for your online payment processing needs.

Although we can likely save you money, there are many other additional benefits when you process with Durango Merchant Services. Let’s take a look… For starters, instead of hiding behind complicated pricing structures, we show you the line by line breakdown so you can know exactly where your money is going. Seamless integration and options for both online and desktop versions of Quickbooks provide for an easy transition to this better alternative. We offer credit card processing plans that work for everyone, and not just the “large” businesses.

A few of the features that accompany the Quickbooks Intuit processing include…

Here are just a few of the additional *free* features offered with the Durango Gateway...

Frequently Asked Questions About Quickbooks and Processing With Durango Merchant Services

At the time this article was written, Quickbooks processing costs ranged from 2.5%-4% with a flat fee per transaction from $0.25-0.30.

You can't avoid Quickbooks fees, but there may be a pricing model that works better for you. 


According to US News, Quickbooks processing gets a 3.5 / 5.0 just because of their high credit card processing fees. Instead of a one-size fits all approach, Durango Merchant Services works with each client according to their needs.

Durango Merchant Service provides a Gateway Emulator that makes switching from an existing gateway to our Durango Pay as easy as possible. We save time and money by simplifying the process! You can learn more about gateway integrations HERE. 

Durango Merchant Services integrates with Quickbooks online through a flexible, cost-saving application, which provides the ability to sync transactions and pay invoices without leaving QuickBooks.

Durango Merchant Services is level 1 PCI certified to ensure security and compliance for all of our clients and their customers.

We’re glad you asked! You can find an overview of our fraud solutions HERE, but you can also always contact us if you have a specific issue. We’re fraud busting masters! We’re here to help.

A Winning Combination: Bookkeeping, Accounting & Credit Card Processing

We believe you should focus on the core activities of your business. Your focus should always be on offering competitive pricing and exemplary services to customers. We are reshaping the credit card processing industry with transparency and simple solutions. Let us offer you great and flexible alternatives to Intuit!

If you have any questions or would like to get started on your Quickbooks integration, give us a call! Get your free quote today! We have in-house customer service working around the clock to find solutions for you and YOUR business. With dedicated account managers for the life of every account, you’ll always be able to get someone on the phone should anything go wrong.

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