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Merchant Account Application Set-Up Instructions

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Agents have two options to submit referrals. Manual entry and Rapid Integration. Please follow the instructions below to ensure that:

  • You get credit for your leads
  • You are communicated with on all lead related correspondence
  • Your Leads are tracked properly through our sales process.

Manual Lead Entry
By clicking on this link, you will be able to enter your leads manually. Your personal ID will be attached to ensure proper credit and follow-up.

Manual Lead Entry Form REMINDER: Verify your email to the URL

Rapid Integration
To make it simple for our agents and affiliates to get started we have created the following two quick integration options that require a minimum of changes to your web site. REMINDER: You must replace or add your email to the end of each of these codes
(i.e. http://durangomerchantservices.com/agents.php?agentid=

In-Line Frame
This method will display and process the application form within a defined area on your web page. Just place this tag where you want the form.
<IFRAME name=dms_app height=1050 width=500 MARGINWIDTH=10 FRAMEBORDER=0 scrolling=no src= "http://durangomerchantservices.com/Applications/agent_apply_for_free.php?agentid=doug@americanwebsitecompany.net"></IFRAME>

Pop-Up Window
This method will pop-up a new window containing only the application form. When the form is processed a generic success message is displayed with a link to close the window.
Sample Pop Up Window
<a href="#" onclick="dmswindow = window.open ('http://durangomerchantservices.com/Applications/agent_apply_for_free.php?agentid=doug@americanwebsitecompany.net', 'dmswindow', 'scrollbars=1, status=0, menubar=0, location=0, resizable=0, titlebar=0, toolbar=0, height=900, width=500');dmswindow.focus();">Apply for merchant account</a>


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